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1) How to repair Dim Display on BenQ FP71G+ LCD Monitor 

2) How to repair Dell 17 inch monitor with No Power symptom



lcd led tv screen panel repair guide

                LCD/LED Screen Panel Repair Guide




V4.0 LED LCD TV Repair Tips ebook

V4.0- Collection of LED & LCD TV Repair Tips ebook


V3.0- LED/LCD TV Repair Tips ebook

V3.0 -Collection of LED LCD TV Repair Tips ebook


V2.0-Collection of LCD TV Repair Tips

New launch LCD TV repair ebook call "V2.0- Collection of LCD TV Repair Tips ". This volume of LCD TV Repair Tips- V2.0 compare to V1.01 is totally different contents and repair tips. Inside the V2.0, you can read the 3 great bonuses or LCD TV Repair Tips! You can learn:
1) A simple method to self test the LCD TV power supply (PSU) board without connect mainboard and inverter board!! It will help the TV repairer confirm their PSU board is working unit or not! And this method will show the PSU board is working with full voltage loading.

how to connect Power Supply board self test

2) All the V2.0 repair tips had been improved to more details.
3) The bonus number 3, it will show you how to repair the Samsung LA32B350 LCD Panel problem with screen full of vertical lines.
And much much more LCD TV Repair Tips there! Click here  to visit website now.


lcd television repair tips and problem solutions 

If you're LCD TV repairer or your broken TV was an LCD TV, then it is a good news for you. I had launch a new ebook call " Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips "! With this guide, you can solve your LCD TV problem or symptom fast and easily. For more details about this ebook please read the sentence below:

The ebook is about 90 pages + 9 pages of Bonus repair information. It covers 27 brands and different models of LCD TV. The symptoms or problems of LCD TV included:

No Power, Dead

No Display with blue or green colour LED light lit

No Display with red or orange colour LED light lit

No Startup or Slow start-up, Stuck in Standby Mode

No Display with the Power LED light flashing

Display Shutdown after 2 seconds or randomly

Display Distortion, Double Image, Display Tearing

Negative Picture on Screen

Solarisation Image

Hum, Buzz or Hissing Noise inside the LCD TV

Sound / Audio Problem

Erratic Functions or Intermittent Problem

Display Darkness, Backlight Failure or Inverter Problem

Display Colour Problem

White Screen

Horizontal or Vertical Lines & Bar in the screen

Remote Control No Functions

Login Service Mode

Solve LCD TV Under Protection Mode

& so on………

In the last section it has the "Fast Search Fault Index". This means you can use the reference in the "Fast Search Fault Index" to help you to find the solution in your type of LCD TV fault. For example, if the Samsung LCD TV that you are repairing have one vertical bar in the display and you can't solve it, you can always refer to other LCD brand to see the solution. If the solution is to replace a component in T-CON board then you get the idea and you then can apply to your faulty Samsung LCD TV.

The best thing about this ebook is that it comes with the support from the owner. For more information you can click to visit website of "Collection of LCD Television Repair Tips".



New Power Supply Repair Guide ebook are launch! If you're interest on improving your skills on switch mode power supply repair, then this is your choice!

I can say, this is one of the best power supply repair guide on the internet even compare to hard cover book. Why? Because this guide are revealed all of the tips & gadget on repairing the power supply you can't find anyway and this is more practical then theoretical! Learn more here.


All About Computer & Electronic Repair Service Manuals, Repairing Tips, Circuit Diagrams, Schematic, Repair Articles & More! provide the information like Service Manual, Repair Tips, Repair Articles, Data sheets, Circuit Diagrams, Huge Schematic Database, Service Menu, Search Hard to Find Electronic Components Data sheets, Repairing Tools & Equipments Info, Repairing / Testing Software, Printer Adjust Alignment Programs, EPROM/EEPROM BIN files & more. All service manuals, schematic diagrams & repair tips for this website are useful for Engineer, Technician and Repairer on Repairing Computer and Electronic Devices. You can get more information here. Normally, these information are different to two types, they are Computer and Electronic Categories.

Computer category : CRT Monitor, TFT LCD Monitor, Computer Printer (Laser Printer, Wide Format Plotter, Dot Matrix & Inkjet Printer), Notebook / Laptops, UPS & etc.

Electronic category : Television (TV), HDTV, Plasma TV, LCD TV, Satellite System, Test Equipment, Power Supplies and many more digital and analogue electronic devices.

We will always update the new information to you. You can send us some ideas, comments, suggestion or even though complaint, we accepted!

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ACER 7154EL.rar
ACER 7277E JVP7277E.rar
ACER 7377XE V771.rar
ACER JVP FP855 Lcd.rar
Acer Service manual.rar
ACER TravelMate 350 Notebook Tft.rar
ACER TravelMate 505 Notebook Tft.rar
AOC AOC 5ELR D551V spectrum.rar
AOC 7VLR spectrum.rar
BELINEA Belinea 101705 111718 Tft Lcd.rar
Belinea 102020_103010.rar
Belinea 103010 1764 X-770.rar
Belinea 106020 HSUTRLX-19 X19.rar
Belinea Service Manaul.rar
COMPAQ Compaq MV540 CQ550F CO1075.rar
Compaq P700 D99 US & UK model.rar
Compaq Presario 1200 XL101 XL113 XL115 XL118 XL127 notebook.rar
Compaq S710.rar
Compaq S910 PE1132P.rar
Compaq TFT8000 LG Lcd.rar
Compaq V55.rar
CTX CTX 1451C-CLR 1451D.rar
CTX 1900_1911 Service Manual.rar
CTX CFA1797C 1786C.rar
CTX PR1400F service guide.rar
CTX PV722E PV722i Tft service guide.rar
CTX PV720a Tft service guide.rar
CTX VL510 service guide.rar
DAEWOO Daewoo CMC-518x.rar
Daewoo CMC-529B C5F7NF blk.rar
Daewoo CMC-719B CMC-719BR C5F7NFCMC719B.rar
DELL DELL 1528LS 828F.rar
DELL P1130 CR1.rar
HANSOL Hansol 700P B17AL.rar
Hansol 710P.rar
Hansol 730P 730D.rar
Hansol 900P B19BL.rar
HP Hewlett Packard A4331.rar
Hewlett Packard D8896A J511.rar
Hewlett Packard P1110 D2847A Nokia 445N.rar
Hewlett Packard VF17-FP17-F1723-FP7317 Tft Lcd.rar
IBM THINKPAD IBM Thinkpad 1400 laptop.rar
IIYAMA Iiyama HM902 HM903DT Pro 454DT Pro 451 A902.rar
Iiyama MF-8617 IDEK visionmaster 17.rar
JEAN Jean G73FM.rar
Jean JD176B.rar
Jean JD177H3.rar
Jean JD199L3 P3.rar
Jean VA720-1 Tft Lcd.rar
Jean VE150 Tft Lcd.rar
LG LG (CA-133) 500E 500G BEJC151A.rar
LG (CA-64) (EV910A) CG991B.rar
LG 450N CB450B BEJCB450B Studioworks.rar
LG 55I 55W CS545 studioworks.rar
LG 5D CM530 studioworks.rar
LG 77i CS780 studioworks.rar
LG 77M MB776C-NA BEJMB776B studioworks.rar
LG 995E CB995CE studioworks.rar
LG 995U CB995BU studioworks.rar
LG CB560A CB560BA CB561B IBM6633 BEJCB5.rar
LG EVF720.rar
LG L1710B L1910B L1510P L1710P L1910P L1520P L1720PM.rar
LITEON Liteon C1786pnst (medion).rar
MAG MAG 786FS 786PF 986FS.rar
MAG DJ710-717 XJ717.rar
MITSHUBISHI Mitsubishi Diamond View 1770H.rar
NEC NEC FP 1350.rar
NEC JC-2141 2141-3 UMA9 6GF.rar
NEC LA-1810 LA-1831 Lcd.rar
NEC LA-1831 Lcd.rar
Nec SM.rar
PHILIPS Philips 15L5082Q 150BX Tft Lcd.rar
PROVIEW Proview IJE765 MD850 SA-765D.rar
SAMPO Sampo FYLSM34D 23D3.rar
Sampo KM-511 TE555.rar
Sampo Lcd Inverter power L0037 DIV0037.rar
Samsung AQ17HS9U 757DF X.rar
Samsung Soft Jig.rar
SIEMENS Siemens MCM-1707NTD Nixdorf CGH7609L-LM.rar
SONY Sony CPD-15SF1 X-1 multiscan.rar
Sony CPD-200SF 200SF X2R K17B SFT.rar
Sony CPD-300SFT 300SFT5 J37C.rar
Sony CPD-E210 D99C.rar
Sony CPD-G400 F99.rar
SONY DAS vJ5.0.4.rar
Sony PCG-C1VP C1VPK Lcd Laptop.rar
Sony PCG-FX210 Lcd Laptop.rar
Sony PCG-FX220 FX240 FX250 FX270 Lcd Laptop.rar


Part 2: Start on 14 June 2006

A Plus AS1770 I84AS1795- service manual
ACER Extensa 500 Notebook Tft- service manual
ACER TravelMate 430 Notebook Tft- service manual
ACER TravelMate TM620 Notebook Tft- service manual
ACER TravelMate TM630 Notebook Tft- service manual
AOC LM500- service manual
APPLE M7613 LA540Z Tft Lcd- service manual
CTX 1769E1792 VL-700- service manual
CTX 1995SL VL950 DBL1995SL PL9- service manual
CTX 1995VLX VL2X BLX- service manual
CTX PR705F service guide- service manual
CTX VL700 710 service guide- service manual
CTX VL950 service guide- service manual
Daewoo CMC-1705B- service manual
Daewoo SP-115 42inch plasma monitor- service manual
Hansol 710D D17CL Belinea MSA103055- service manual
Hewlett Packard D5259A D5258A D5269 BJMC7B A720 Tatung- service manual
Hewlett Packard VF17-FP17-F1723-FP7317 Tft Lcd- service manual
Hyundai CKLB790 B790 C-1711- service manual
Hyundai CKLC17F04090 F790 blk- service manual
Hyundai CKLP790 blk- service manual
Hyundai F770D F772 1723 V770+ C17F05071- service manual
Jean JT166S13 U13 Tft Lcd- service manual
LG (CA-120) 500E 500G 500N CB553H-ML AL ZL- service manual
LG (CA-80) CB775C-EA 775E-NA 775N- service manual
LG 550M CM550 studioworks- service manual
LG 575N CB575C-NA BEJCB575C studioworks- service manual
LG 78D 78DT 78DT5 CD786- service manual
MAG DX1595 TPS1564- service manual
MAG LT561 Lcd- service manual
MEDION A440 Notebook- service manual
MEDION M785 Notebook- service manual
NEC Accusync 120 CN291E- service manual
NEC FP 1350- service manual
NEC JC-1531 4FGE Multisync VMA-2- service manual
Philips 170S4FG 2- service manual
Proview 98E 769 786 778 720 722- service manual
Proview IJE772 PK-770 462 577 561 772 795- service manual
Royal X19 106020- service manual
Sony CPD-E210 D99C- service manual
Sony PCG-GR150 GR170 Lcd Laptop- service manual
Sony PCG-NV290 Lcd Laptop- service manual
Sony SDM-M81 Tft Lcd- service manual
Sony SDM-S71R Tft Lcd- service manual
Toshiba Satellite 1710 Laptop- service manual
Viewsonic E70-1- service manual
Viewsonic GF775 VCDTS21509-1P FV791B- service manual
Viewsonic PT813-1- service manual
Viewsonic VA521 Tft Lcd- service manual
Viewsonic VCDTS21511-1E PS790- service manual

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