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  • The most comprehensive site for monitor information Here
  • Monitor and TV repair source and forum Here
  • Monitor repair tips Here
  • Free monitor repair database Here
  • CTX monitor homepage Here
  • Monitor picture tube information Here
  • Monitor deflection systems Here  
  • Testing of (LOPT) Flyback Transformer/ FBT Here  
  • Performance testing of computers and video monitors Here
  • Approaches to using fixed frequency or non standard monitors on PC Here
  • Notes on video conversion Here  
  • HP8399-XXX B/W monitor repair Here
  • Sync on Green FAQ Index Here
  • Driving multiple VGA monitors Here
  • Your complete source for monitor display sales, service, repairs, parts department and more! Here
  • A monitor repair information site by Eric Richards Here
  • Even a technician can make money  from internet Here
  • Computer monitor repair archive files Here
  • Sales on monitor repair technical tips manual and repair tracking database software Here  
  • List of LCD manufacturers and informations Here
  • Huge collection of monitor resources Here
  • Testing program software for monitors Here
  • Specializing in new and used laptop parts and pieces Here

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1 Feb 2007

Many thanks!  I have
downloaded the file and
will - hopefully - now be
able to fix the screen.
Like your website -
very helpful...
thanks again.
- Mike

31 Dec 2006

thank you for this
great site that i
found what i
search about.

15 Jan 2008

Thank you very
much for your
excellent site!
I know there would
be lots of people
around the world
who will appreciate
your very neat,
well-organised site.
-Matt Straford

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