Flyback Problem In Dell E550 Monitor Solved


No power was the complaint of this monitor. Upon checking found only horizontal output transistor became short circuit. The part number is C5552 and since I do not have this part I substitute it with C5587. When I power on the monitor I heard arcing sound and from close inspection I saw a blue light coming out from the crt socket. I suspect that the focus voltage have increased and arc to the surrounding ground. Using my faithful Kaise high voltage probe to check on the focus voltage-the voltage has increased to more than 10 Kv. This problem is mainly due to the defective part in the voltage divider unit. A working unit focus voltage should be around 5-7 Kv. Since I do not have this flyback (the part number is 19.70060) what I do is I pulled out the focus wire and cover the hole with super glue and taped the G2 screen cable. Then I installed a new monitor blur buster and connect the focus and G2 cable to its original place which is the crt board. Voila! the unit worked perfectly fine! I let it run for more than 8 hours without any arcing sound from the monitor and I will let it burn in again for few more days. Sometimes in our repair field we got to think like Mac Gyver (modification) otherwise many units would not be able to repair due to unavailability of spare parts. One more thing, nowadays it is hard to get original electronic parts from our local electronic distributors and this make our live a little bit tough when comes to repair any equipment that is quite new in the market.


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1 Feb 2007

Many thanks!  I have
downloaded the file and
will - hopefully - now be
able to fix the screen.
Like your website -
very helpful...
thanks again.
- Mike

31 Dec 2006

thank you for this
great site that i
found what i
search about.

15 Jan 2008

Thank you very
much for your
excellent site!
I know there would
be lots of people
around the world
who will appreciate
your very neat,
well-organised site.
-Matt Straford

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