How To Rewind A Burned Or Shorted Monitor B+ Coil (MONITOR)

The function of a coil is to allow DC to flow through it while restricting AC current flow. Another name for a coils is an inductor. There are two type of coil that were used in a monitor's B+ line.

a) Radial type
b) Transformer type

If you have confirmed that the coil has a shorted winding or burned, this is how you can rewind the coil.

Radial Type

1. Remove the wire from the CORE.
2. Measure how long the wire is.
3. Determine the diameter of the wire.
4. If you are not sure about the diameter of the wire, send a sample to the motor
    rewinding or electrical shop near you. Get the exact sample of wire (length and
5. Clean the core using thinner solution.
6. Rewind back the wire to the core.
7. If possible, measure again the winding with a flyback tester to see if there any short
8. Now measure the inductance of the newly rewinded coil. 10%-20% percent value
    out as compared to the original coil should not be a problem as inductors do have
    tolerance, just like resistor.

Transformer Type

1. Dip or immerse the coil overnight in a thinner solution.
2. All the glue should be melted so that the core is easily removed.
3. Follow the steps from 1-8 (from radial type).
4. Now apply super glue to secure the cores and it will work as good as new.

test coil



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