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Search TFT LCD Display or Panel Equivalent and Manufacturer Part Numbers

How to use these list of TFT Display/ Panel or LCD Panel part numbers & manufacturer? You can find out your tft display or panel part number to see who are the manufacturer then you can order part by this manufacturer. Some of you may be need to find out that brands of notebook TFT panel part number & manufacturer. Sometime, you can know the average price of that tft or lcd display. Another best of these list are you can search the equivalents or replacement of your tft/lcd display panel! All of these information are purpose for reference only, we not responsible of these information are 100% works. You take your own risk.

TFT/LCD Panel or Display List :

AST 900/910/950 TX26D60VC1CAB $160 cross ref LT104V3-104 SAMSUNG
ACER Display Technology Inc. Sony FX210 & Sony pcg-fx340 Model L141X1-1A L141X1-1 XGA
12.1 TFT LCD TX31D25VC1CAD HITACHI $240 cross ref TX31D21VC1CAF MOD
CANON 475CDS Hitachi LMG9900ZWCC 11.3 DUAL cross Hitachi LMG9901ZWCC $185
LP133X7 (C2CC) LG 13.3 TFT DP/N 0819R Compaq 1200 12XL500 cross ref Torisan TM133XG-02L07A
Dell Inspiron 5000 LP141XA (A1) 14.1 XGA and fits HP Omnibook 4150B
HP Omnibook XE3-GC, LP141XA (F1CP) cross ref LP141XA (D1AP)
LQ14X01E Maybe replaced by LQ14X03 Sharp 13.8 VGA TFT
LQ14X01 1024x768 13,8 (35cm TFT 2x18Bit SHARP
SHARP LQ150U1LH22 CROSS Inspiron 8000 or 8100 & Latitude C800
AU UB141X01-2 14.1 COMPAQ 1200 Direct Cross ref UB141X02 or AU UB141X02 Compaq Presario 700US and Compaq Presario 1215US
14.1 XGA AU/UB141X01-5 HW02 HP Omnibook XE3 UB141X01 and fits Ashton Digital A900
Compaq Model 1200 VB141X01-2 pristine condition $email
15" SAMSUNG LT150X3-126BT3
LM220W1-A2MN 22" 1600 x 1024 LG Philips 180 nits 16.7M TMDS 542 x 375 x 35.3
LC300W01-A3 30inch 1280 x 768 LG Philips 450 nits 16.7M LVDS
SHARP 13.3 TFT LQ133X1LS20 1024*768 103PCS $email
LQ133X1LH-63 SHARP 13.3 TFT
TM121SV-02L01 TORISAN TFT-LCM 05K9528 fits Compaq Armada 500
Alps LFH8P402XA
Samsung LTN141X7-L01 14.1 LCD cross ref UTM141X001 and LP141XA fits Vaio PCG-F430 PCG-F540 + Model PGC 933A (PGC-F650)
Samsung LTN141X7-106 or 122 fits Toshiba Satellite 185-S254 cross ref Chunghwa CLAA141XC01 and LTN141X8-L02
Toshiba Tecra 8200 LCD Typ LTN141P1-L02, LTN141XF-L02 (Samsung)
LTM14C433 fits Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600
Sony pcg-sr17 LTM10C3XX Toshiba LTM10C314 +fits pcg-sr17
Toshiba LCD LTM10C314 fits PCG-3212 and pcg-sr17k
1MLFK890590 IBM 13in
LQ133X1LH13 Sharp 13in
Samsung LT150X3-124 XGA 15.1 TFT and fits Sony PCG-FX150 + PCG-FX215 + PCG-FX170 + PCG-F490 + PCG-580 + PCG-590
Samsung 14" LTN141P1-102 20pcs
HITACHI TX31D72VC1CAA 12.1 TFT fits Sony Vaio PCG-R505TS and R505JL + Vaio Z505SX + Z505CR/K + Z505LSK + R505 model R505JLK
Hitachi 13.3 TFT TX34D68VC1CAA
TX41D56VC1CAA 16" sony part # a8059922a fits Sony Vaio PCG-GRX670
TX38D33VC1 Hitachi
COMPAQ 1275 LM130SS1T611 13.3 HPA Sharp
NL128102AC23-03 15.4 SXGA
LG Phillips LM220W1 22 WXGA
LG LM151X2-B2PH LM151X2 (B2PH) LG Philips 15.1TFT
LM201U1-A1 20.1 LG 16.7M TMDS 467.8x361x32
LG 13.3 TFT LP133X11-A2
LG 13.3 TFT LP133X7 fits HP OmniBook XE3 Model F3775KT
LM151X05-A3C1 15.1 LG 1024 x 768
LM151X3B3AP 15.1
LC151X01-A3 15.1
LM181E05-C3 18.1
LM181E04-B3 18.1
LM151X3C3C 15.1
LM171W01-B3 17.1
LT170E2-131-T2 17
NL10276AC30-01A 15in NEC $265


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1 Feb 2007

Many thanks!  I have
downloaded the file and
will - hopefully - now be
able to fix the screen.
Like your website -
very helpful...
thanks again.
- Mike

31 Dec 2006

thank you for this
great site that i
found what i
search about.

15 Jan 2008

Thank you very
much for your
excellent site!
I know there would
be lots of people
around the world
who will appreciate
your very neat,
well-organised site.
-Matt Straford

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